Australian grown organic/biodynamic produce available for sale online

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too much rain and not enough sun

It is with regret that The Organic Paddock cannot provide you with our delicious garlic in 2011 due to our harvest being unsuccessful.

The rain has been great but not so great for our garlic and we didn't harvest enough to be able meet your garlic needs.

We can suggest if you want to purchase your organic garlic online, you can go to They had success last year growing their garlic in NSW.

Thank you for your support and your interest in 2010 and we hope we can meet your organic garlic needs in 2012.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Out of Stock...New Harvest Available Jan 2011

Sorry to say but we are out of stock therefore unable to meet your continued demands for our garlic.
We planted our crop of garlic and shallots in May this year which will be available for sale online in January 2011.
We will ensure we keep you posted and as soon as our produce is available we will notify you by email.
If you have not sampled our garlic before and you would like to receive the email, please send your details to
To all of our customers this year - thank you for your wonderful support and we look forward to continuing to meet your garlic needs!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Garlic

Is there anything more delicious than roasted baby garlic? Our bunches of baby garlic are perfect for roasting & can be used in so many ways.

Trim the stalks of four or five bulbs, peel away the outer layers & using a knife cut off the top of the bulb exposing the individual cloves.

Then pop them into an oven dish with a good splash or two a good quality olive oil.

Roast for 25 - 35 minutes at about 160 degrees, until they are soft to touch.

When cooled squeeze out the garlic from it's skin into a separate bowl. It comes out quite easily, this bit can be a bit messy but fun! While garlic is traditionally known as having a big & bold taste you will find that roasting it produces a more subtle, slightly nutty & buttery flavour. Here are a few things you can do with your roasted garlic:

  • spread onto sour dough toast, eat on it's own or add anything you like. Cherry tomatoes & spinach, olives, caramelised onion & buffalo mozzarella, rocket & feta, bacon & parsley
  • turn it into aioli. You can cheat and use bought good quality mayonnaise or make your own using organic eggs & local olive oil
  • buy some potatoes from a road side stall, bake them and while still hot slice in the centre and add butter & a big spoonful of roasted garlic, yum!

To order your baby garlic or any of other other varieties of biodynamic, Australian grown garlic see our side bar for ordering details. Happy roasting!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stocks Running Low!

Since we went online with our biodynamic garlic we have been thrilled with the response and have been overwhelmed with orders. Thanks so much for supporting us - our regular buyers as well as many new customers. It's great to see that people are really looking for an alternative and are buying locally grown, chemical free garlic that is not generally available in supermarkets. This gives us a great thrill at The Organic Paddock as we are passionate about sharing the benefits of this truly amazing & versatile bulb and love to see people buying Australian produce & gaining the health & flavour benefits of garlic.

Now that we are officially in Autumn it won't be long before it's garlic planting season again & our stocks of garlic are running low. We still have a small range to offer so be quick and snap up what we have left. You may see an increase in the price of garlic in shops soon as the supply starts to dwindle but we are keeping our prices at the same level.

For Melbourne purchasers please contact us regarding delivery if you are in the metro area as we may be able to organise to drop your garlic to you so save postage costs.

We love to hear feedback about our range so please drop us a line or leave a comment.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Biodynamic Garlic Available for Sale Now

The Organic Paddock is excited to offer our range of fresh, delicious Australian garlic which is grown free of chemicals so you can enjoy real flavour. We have several different varieties of garlic and they are now available for sale online.

Getting access to fresh, organic, Australian grown garlic has become almost impossible over the past 5 – 8 years due to cheap imported products, particularly from China, that have flooded the market. When this occurred, it essentially ended all production of Australian garlic which was the livelihood of approximately 1600 growers.

Why should we be subjected to tasteless, chemically grown garlic when here in Australia we can grow delicious, juicy, flavoursome garlic in rich, humus soil?

Garlic has long been known for its many medicinal benefits, so not only is it great to eat, it is really good for you too. Our 5 varieties of garlic are grown on a certified biodynamic farm (currently featured in the Biodynamic Growing magazine) in Callawadda in the southern Wimmera (Victoria).

So have a browse through our garlic varieties and if you have any further enquiries you can email us at or simply order online. Your garlic will be delivered to your door by Australia Post. If you live locally to Daylesford, we can arrange for pick up or delivery.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Organic Paddock Produce

The Organic Paddock produces a number of varieties of garlic in Victoria, Australia. Grown on certified biodynamic land in the Southern Wimmera, this garlic is free of all chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides commonly used to produce food at a commercial level.

Biodynamic is an organic farming/gardening practice based on the work of Rudolf Steiner that focuses on sustainable, quality production. Without the use of chemical, biodynamic practices increase the soil biology which strengthens plants against stress. Healthy soil is the basis for healthy plants, animals and people.

As the number of people concerned about health and enviromental issues has increased there has been a significant growth in the demand for organic/biodynamic produce. At The Organic Paddock we are passionate about meeting this demand and are committed to growing high quality produce. Our vision is to share the benefits of choosing organic/biodynamic produce. These benefits include:

• Better flavour
• Chemical free
• Proven health benefits
• Increased shelf life
• Sustainable farming practice

Try our garlic currently available by ordering online and enjoy the flavour of fresh Australian grown produce.