Australian grown organic/biodynamic produce available for sale online

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Organic Paddock Produce

The Organic Paddock produces a number of varieties of garlic in Victoria, Australia. Grown on certified biodynamic land in the Southern Wimmera, this garlic is free of all chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides commonly used to produce food at a commercial level.

Biodynamic is an organic farming/gardening practice based on the work of Rudolf Steiner that focuses on sustainable, quality production. Without the use of chemical, biodynamic practices increase the soil biology which strengthens plants against stress. Healthy soil is the basis for healthy plants, animals and people.

As the number of people concerned about health and enviromental issues has increased there has been a significant growth in the demand for organic/biodynamic produce. At The Organic Paddock we are passionate about meeting this demand and are committed to growing high quality produce. Our vision is to share the benefits of choosing organic/biodynamic produce. These benefits include:

• Better flavour
• Chemical free
• Proven health benefits
• Increased shelf life
• Sustainable farming practice

Try our garlic currently available by ordering online and enjoy the flavour of fresh Australian grown produce.