Australian grown organic/biodynamic produce available for sale online

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Biodynamic Garlic Available for Sale Now

The Organic Paddock is excited to offer our range of fresh, delicious Australian garlic which is grown free of chemicals so you can enjoy real flavour. We have several different varieties of garlic and they are now available for sale online.

Getting access to fresh, organic, Australian grown garlic has become almost impossible over the past 5 – 8 years due to cheap imported products, particularly from China, that have flooded the market. When this occurred, it essentially ended all production of Australian garlic which was the livelihood of approximately 1600 growers.

Why should we be subjected to tasteless, chemically grown garlic when here in Australia we can grow delicious, juicy, flavoursome garlic in rich, humus soil?

Garlic has long been known for its many medicinal benefits, so not only is it great to eat, it is really good for you too. Our 5 varieties of garlic are grown on a certified biodynamic farm (currently featured in the Biodynamic Growing magazine) in Callawadda in the southern Wimmera (Victoria).

So have a browse through our garlic varieties and if you have any further enquiries you can email us at or simply order online. Your garlic will be delivered to your door by Australia Post. If you live locally to Daylesford, we can arrange for pick up or delivery.